Vaune Phan Gusty Solo ride to Everest North Base Camp

Vaune Pang 2

This June 2015, young Singaporean Vaune Phan in her 20’s, born and raised in an urban city, will begin her trip on motorcycle, from Singapore to Mount Everest North Base Camp. Passing through 6 different countries, Vaune will be riding consecutively every day for close to a month, covering more than 7,500 kilometers in total.

Starting from Singapore, she will cross Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, China and Tibet. Braving through extreme weather climate fluctuations from 40°C to subzero degree temperatures, going from smooth tarmacs to mountainous off road gravel terrains, Vaune has equipped herself with everything she needs and is determined to do whatever it takes to get her to her destination.

And she is doing this solo. No support vehicle. As they say, never judge a book by its cover. By looking at Vaune, you may never guess how hopelessly is she in love with motorcycles. And we’re not talking about cute little vespas with baskets filled with flowers. We’re talking about superbikes, like Ducati, or dirt bikes in Enduro Cross.

Like every other girl, the former air stewardess with Singapore Airlines loves make up, dressing up, and strutting down town in her high heels. She loves traveling, meeting people from different places of different cultures, constantly exploring what the world has to offer.

Her liking for motorcycles came when she first caught her eyes on a Motocross race on TV when she was about 10 years old. Fast forward, despite her parents’ disapproval, she got her very first dirt bike at 19 years old, a KTM200EGS. Some time later, she started Enduro off road riding and before you know it, mud-smeared
goggles and dirt-stained boots was a weekly affair.

Soon after, she was captivated by the Ducati 999 when roaming in Italy and let’s just say the rest is history. Her passion for motorcycles has since grown fervently and she now happily owns a Ducati Hypermotard for city/short touring rides, and a Suzuki DR200 for Enduro riding.

Vaune Pang

Having traveled to so many places as a stewardess, Vaune has always been intrigued by exotic places like Tibet, where she has never flown to. Furthermore, Mount Everest, being the tallest mountain in the world, was her dream to see in life one day.

This is a story of an uptown girl whom with a burning passion for riding and strong determination, decides to take on the challenge of being Singapore’s First & Youngest Female Biker in recent years, hopping on the journey of her life to ride every single day,
from Singapore to Mount Everest Base Camp.

Vaune is also using this opportunity to raise awareness for the Singapore Disability Sports Council who through sports, promote the welfare of disabled athletes and supports them for competing in the Paralympics.

We all have our “mountain” of challenges, and our dreams. But even against all odds, what would you do to make your dream a reality? As Vaune is chasing on her dream now, she hopes her journey, named “Beyond Everest” will inspire the next generation
to get out of their comfort zones, conquer their own mountains and chase on their dreams too because nothing in this world is impossible.

Dream big, and ride on it!