Nelson PANCIATICI will be at the start of the 81st MONTE CARLO rally

Last year, in his first experience of the MONTE CARLO rally, he came second in the R2 category. This year, Nelson PANCIATICI will be at the start of the 81st MONTE CARLO rally which takes place from January 16 to 20. Nelson will be driving a TWINGO RS R2 Evo provided by GLIESE Engineering Motorsport in the colours of EUROFORMULA, RALF TECH watches and P1 ADVANCED RACEWEAR.

Nelson Panciatici continues his apprenticeship in this discipline and he can count on the experience of his co-driver, René PADOVANI, who has backed him from his first steps in rallying.

If Nelson Panciatici has chosen to do it mainly for pleasure in this, his third rally, it will not stop him from taking it very seriously. “I discovered the magic of the Monte Carlo last year and the moment I finished I wanted to do it again! I know it won’t be easy and I rely a lot on my co-driver Rene Padovani. The main difficulty for a track guy on a Monte Carlo is how to “read” the road with its changing traction! Last year, he helped me a lot and I improved throughout the rally. I’ll be there primarily for pleasure but that doesn’t mean I haven’t prepared for it, I’ve carefully watched many videos from on-board cameras in the mythical specials such as the MOULINON, the BURZET, SAINT JEAN EN ROYANS or the TURINI. It was a refresher to some degree, and at  the very least I can picture their profile! I’m going to  stick to the same method as last year, which is to go up in strength as the specials roll out and stay alert to the many traps! I know for sure that the rally taught me positive things for circuit racing, especially in difficult conditions, and I have fun while improving! I want to thank all my partners and I will do my utmost to get the best result possible as well as have a great race!”

The start of the MONTE CARLO rally will be from the town of VALENCE. The many battles, whether it be for the overall result or the different categories, are sure to generate huge enthusiasm from the crowds who will be lining the roads. We can rest assured that Nelson, who is first and foremost a competitor, will not want to miss any of it!