LE VIGEANT (July 6 & 7 2013) – ROUND 4

For his debut in the French FFSA GT Championship at the Bugatti, Enzo Guibbert, the “Volant Euroformula” 2012, stepped up on the podium for second place in Race 2 at the wheel of his Porsche 997 GT3-R managed by Philippe Alméras’ Pro GT Team. Since then though he has not been able to repeat the performance. When he came to visit the Euroformula School, we asked him a few questions:

1. Enzo, you started the season with a podium result in the first weekend and since then you have not scored a single point in the championship, how do you explain that?

“The first thing that comes to mind is that we just haven’t had any success, luck really hasn’t been with us, and we had two really dismal weekends! They were on two circuits I don’t know and we couldn’t drive much because of the rain or technical problems, incredible. Same for the qualifiers where I made a few mistakes but I’m not worried because the performance was there, that’s the most important thing for the future. I just need to get some more experience and I’m sure we will be back in the competition really soon. I understand the Porsche 997 GT3-R better and better and Philippe Alméras gives me the advice I need to improve, I’m feeling confident for the next race.”

2. Speaking of which, tell us about the strengths and weaknesses of your Porsche 997 GT3-R and give us your opinion of the Val de Vienne circuit

“The Porsche 997 GT3-R is one of the best GT cars, she’s really competitive. She handles well in tight bends with good traction and good acceleration coming out. She balances well through wide corners. The problem we’re running into at the moment is the wear on the tyres in long relays. We’re working on a solution so we can exploit the full potential of the car. Where Le Vigeant is concerned, I can’t wait to get there! It’s a circuit I know well and really like. I got my first pole position there!”

3. What are your objectives for Val de Vienne and the end of the season?

“First, we need a good qualifying session which will allow me to drive from the front and hand the car over to my co-driver, Eric Dermont, for the best possible restart. If I can do that, Eric will know what to do to get to the finish. I need to do my job! We hope to get back on a podium as soon as possible, it’s our objective for the end of the season even if I still hope for a victory at the back of my mind. It would be a nice reward for all the people who have helped me and for the Euroformula School!”

As we can see, Enzo Guibbert, the “Volant Euroformula” 2012, is not lacking in ambition, it’s up to him to make it happen. Let’s leave the last word to Laurent Fradon, the director of the Euroformula School: “I’m not worried because Enzo has shown us he has the skills required to win. He has to be patient and the results will follow. He is on the best team on the circuit which should make it easier for him. I’m keen to see Enzo at Vigeant.”

The French GT championship, part of GT Tour and its many disciplines, will meet this weekend, July 6 and 7 on the Vigeant circuit.