Sunday at the Gran Premio d’Italia TIM began with the always-thrilling Moto3™ World Championship race. The sun blazed overhead, the ground temperature edging above 34°C as the 33 rider strong field lined up on the grid. Italians featured heavily in the top ten, Romano Fenati (SKY Racing Team VR46) beginning his home race from pole position.

Fenati shot off the line and held his advantage into Turn 1, Brad Binder (Red Bull KTM Ajo) moving up to third with Andrea Migno (SKY Racing Team VR46) splitting the two front-runners. The straight was home to thrilling action as the leading group went five abreast into San Donato, riders easily going from first to fifth in just a few meters. Each lap saw more and more riders join the battle, the slipstream closing the pack up with each run down the 1.141km long straight as the top 20 were all within touching distance.

Replacement rider Lorenzo Dalla Porta (Schedl GP Racing) had an incredible start to the race, finding himself comfortably inside the top ten and able to battle with the World Championship regulars. Dalla Porta wasn’t the only new name out at the front, rookie Fabio Di Giannantonio (Gresini Racing Moto3) taking the lead on several occasions in front of his home crowd.

Disaster struck on lap ten for pole setter Roman Fenati as his bike expired while he tried to move into first, the Italian rolling off the track and withdrawing from the race. Fenati’s heartbreak presented a big opportunity for the likes of Fabio Quartararo (Leopard Racing) who made his way up into the frontrunners having started 18th, the Frenchman able to lead at several points.

The championship hopefuls continued to encounter difficulties, Jorge Navarro (Estrella Galicia 0,0) coming off at Turn 15 on lap 12 after contact with another rider. This left Binder fighting for victory with his two closest rivals out of the race, the South African guaranteed to leave Mugello with the championship lead.

Binder made his move on the final lap and opened up a quarter of second gap, just enough to break the slipstream. For the third straight race the South African takes to the top step of the podium, extending his championship lead once again. 49 points, almost two race victories, separate Binder in first from Navarro in second.

Di Giannantonio scored his first points of the year with a brilliant second place at home, Francesco Bagnaia (Aspar Mahindra Team Moto3) making it two Italians on the podium. Before Mugello, Di Giannantonio’s best result was 17th.

Try as they might, Niccolo Antonelli (Ongetta-Rivacold) and Fabio Quartararo (Leopard Racing) were unable to pass in the slipstream, settling for fourth and fifth respectively.

Darryn Binder (Platinum Bay Real Estate) was the first faller of the race, coming off at Turn 8 but able to walk away from the accident free of injury. Andrea Locatelli (Leopard Racing) fell at Turn 2 on the 14th lap, a sad end to his home weekend.

Khairul Idham Pawi (Honda Team Asia) crashed out of a potential top five on the final lap, followed soon after by Aron Canet (Estrella Galicia 0,0).

Fabio Spiranelli (CIP-Unicom Starker) and Alexis Masbou (Peugeot MC Saxoprint) also failed to finish.


Pos. Points Num. Rider Nation Team Bike Km/h Time/Gap
1 25 41 Brad BINDER RSA Red Bull KTM Ajo KTM 158.0 39’49.382
2 20 4 Fabio DI GIANNANTONIO ITA Gresini Racing Moto3 Honda 158.0 +0.038
3 16 21 Francesco BAGNAIA ITA ASPAR Mahindra Team Moto3 Mahindra 158.0 +0.069
4 13 23 Niccolò ANTONELLI ITA Ongetta-Rivacold Honda 158.0 +0.075
5 11 20 Fabio QUARTARARO FRA Leopard Racing KTM 158.0 +0.077
6 10 76 Hiroki ONO JPN Honda Team Asia Honda 157.9 +1.037
7 9 36 Joan MIR SPA Leopard Racing KTM 157.9 +1.532
8 8 8 Nicolo BULEGA ITA SKY Racing Team VR46 KTM 157.9 +1.538
9 7 58 Juanfran GUEVARA SPA RBA Racing Team KTM 157.9 +1.567
10 6 16 Andrea MIGNO ITA SKY Racing Team VR46 KTM 157.9 +1.762
11 5 95 Jules DANILO FRA Ongetta-Rivacold Honda 157.9 +1.791
12 4 33 Enea BASTIANINI ITA Gresini Racing Moto3 Honda 157.9 +1.792
13 3 19 Gabriel RODRIGO ARG RBA Racing Team KTM 157.9 +1.933
14 2 88 Jorge MARTIN SPA ASPAR Mahindra Team Moto3 Mahindra 157.9 +2.011
15 1 48 Lorenzo DALLA PORTA ITA Schedl GP Racing KTM 157.9 +2.041
16 11 Livio LOI BEL RW Racing GP BV Honda 157.8 +2.391
17 84 Jakub KORNFEIL CZE Drive M7 SIC Racing Team Honda 157.8 +2.434
18 64 Bo BENDSNEYDER NED Red Bull KTM Ajo KTM 157.8 +2.577
19 24 Tatsuki SUZUKI JPN CIP-Unicom Starker Mahindra 157.8 +2.775
20 98 Karel HANIKA CZE Platinum Bay Real Estate Mahindra 157.7 +4.289
21 6 Maria HERRERA SPA MH6 Team KTM 157.7 +4.916
22 7 Adam NORRODIN MAL Drive M7 SIC Racing Team Honda 155.7 +34.654
23 17 John MCPHEE GBR Peugeot MC Saxoprint Peugeot 155.7 +34.692
24 43 Stefano VALTULINI ITA 3570 Team Italia Mahindra 155.7 +34.739
25 77 Lorenzo PETRARCA ITA 3570 Team Italia Mahindra 155.2 +42.628
Not Classified
44 Aron CANET SPA Estrella Galicia 0,0 Honda 157.9 1 Lap
89 Khairul Idham PAWI MAL Honda Team Asia Honda 157.9 1 Lap
3 Fabio SPIRANELLI ITA CIP-Unicom Starker Mahindra 155.7 1 Lap
55 Andrea LOCATELLI ITA Leopard Racing KTM 156.6 7 Laps
9 Jorge NAVARRO SPA Estrella Galicia 0,0 Honda 157.9 9 Laps
5 Romano FENATI ITA SKY Racing Team VR46 KTM 157.8 11 Laps
40 Darryn BINDER RSA Platinum Bay Real Estate Mahindra 157.2 13 Laps
10 Alexis MASBOU FRA Peugeot MC Saxoprint Peugeot 153.2 17 Laps

Points Standing:

Pos. Rider Bike Nation Points
2 Jorge NAVARRO Honda SPA 78
3 Romano FENATI KTM ITA 67
4 Nicolo BULEGA KTM ITA 55
5 Francesco BAGNAIA Mahindra ITA 54
6 Niccolò ANTONELLI Honda ITA 52
7 Jakub KORNFEIL Honda CZE 36
8 Joan MIR KTM SPA 34
9 Enea BASTIANINI Honda ITA 33
12 Khairul Idham PAWI Honda MAL 29
13 Philipp OETTL KTM GER 27
14 Jules DANILO Honda FRA 24
15 Aron CANET Honda SPA 23
16 Juanfran GUEVARA KTM SPA 22
17 Andrea MIGNO KTM ITA 21
18 Livio LOI Honda BEL 21
20 Hiroki ONO Honda JPN 20
21 Jorge MARTIN Mahindra SPA 10
22 John MCPHEE Peugeot GBR 9
23 Gabriel RODRIGO KTM ARG 6
24 Adam NORRODIN Honda MAL 5
27 Tatsuki SUZUKI Mahindra JPN 2
29 Alexis MASBOU Peugeot FRA
30 Albert ARENAS Mahindra SPA
31 Karel HANIKA Mahindra CZE
33 Stefano VALTULINI Mahindra ITA
35 Fabio SPIRANELLI Mahindra ITA
36 Darryn BINDER Mahindra RSA
37 Lorenzo PETRARCA Mahindra ITA

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